Circular and band saw machines,

loading system



EcoPower C Series

Circular saw machines

The most important step we have taken to differentiate our machines is to focus on the most important part of the circular saw machine: The sawblade head.

Our engineers have redesigned the power transmission system using a high efficiency gearbox, integrated with a mechanical recovery system, making our disk drive more efficient than 40% of the energy needed to cut it over the competition . In practical terms, it draws less power when cutting at high speed than the traditional power transmission system of a helical gear of the same cutting machine.

In addition to reducing energy costs, the efficiency of the gearbox is also in terms of low cost per cut obtained from a good blade life.


Another point where our engineers are focused is the hydraulic system.

By improving the power of the pistons, we moved and maintained the energy where needed, clearing it where it was not needed during the cutting process. Our energy conservation study is also reflected in the hydraulic oil temperature, as this new technology always keeps oil at low temperatures even if the sawmill has to work for 24 hours. There is therefore no energy loss and this contributes In addition to maintaining the quality of the oil intact and in practical terms, it is not necessary to change the oil for years, lowering maintenance and downtime.

To end the maintenance talk, the Sawmill machines in the Eco Power series do not require automatic maintenance operators.

A new generation of circular saw blade gearbox with mechanical backlash recovery, made and patented entirely by SWG Steel Technology Srl, guarantees a constant transmission power, and a zero backlash to the blade carrier flange, thus extending the life of blade 50 % more than a simple helical gearbox.

Sawblade carriage feeder on hardened and grounded guides, and drive with brushless motor with encoder

New Power Transmission System, in addition to the new sawblade carriage, allows you to use half the power of a common circular saw, providing greater torque to the cutting edge tooth. This also means less power consumption.


The 45 ° clamping system allows to cut both round and square. Thanks to the easy disassembly of the jaws, their replacement also allows to cut materials with different geometric shapes in extreme ease.


The material feed bar runs on roller linear guides, driven by a brushless motor with encoders. The standard stroke length of 500 mm, with the possibility of repetition software.

Triple blade guides always guide the blade during the cutting phase, and preserve the machine at the end of the blade life. Adjustable tungsten carbide pads for various blade bodies.


Thanks to the three-point effective clamping system, with 45° clamps, a minimum handle can be maintained up to 60 mm.


Siemens hardware to guarantee quality and instant interchangeability.

Our software, directly linked to our software house, provides complete monitoring of the single machine, real-time via ethernet connection. In addition, the software is designed for greater flexibility, with less set-up time, also ideal for small batch production at the cost of the large series. This also leads to a reduction in errors and stops.


All loading and unloading devices that form the cutting line provide a fluid and fully automatic material process during cutting. The appropriate system selection criteria include the type of material to be loaded or the material section, while for the unloading processes, you analyze the amount of cuts, the length or the possibility of performing multiple cuts of different length on the same bar (Nesting). All the devices we supply are completely modular, enabling assembly at different lengths to meet every customer’s needs.



Loading system with chain conveyor

Robust design

Chain conveyor

Suitable for materials of all sections

Semi automatic or automatic change of

diameter change

Stacking material through a crane or forklift






Gravitational loading system

Simple design

Adjustable angle

Particularly suitable for circular sections

Expansion with other peripherals








Auxiliary loading system for bundle

Transfer of material to the loading system via control buttons

Used as optional equipment for all sorts of warehouses, even post-installation.

Stacking beams by a crane or forklift

Separate control panel







Unloading system

Standard unloading

Separation of Header and Tail Cut


Conveyor belt

Simple design

Slide for the transfer of pieces

Separation of Header and Tail Cut

Discharge suitable for long cut pieces.

Possibility to have up to 5 discharge stations of different sizes (Nesting)





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